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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


I am annoyed, then feeling guilty, while my son is trying to say, "I'm sorry."

Break the Pattern by Starting a New Pathway - a New Mindset; a True Lasting Shift


Are you longing for change but can't seem to get out of the restrictive life of being a parent of a special needs child or caregiver?

Maybe you are doing all the right things eating right, walking, and talking with a dear friend who listens – but nothing seems to help. Perhaps you ballooned up a few sizes because the only thing that helps are cookies, chips or other comfort foods – but only in the moment, and afterwards a never-ending cycle of shame and frustration follows you like your shadow. You look in the mirror and say, “What happened to me? Where did the life I imagined go?”

Yes, your life revolves around your child, parent or sibling, then your other kids if you have them, then your spouse, and then – finally you. You are tired, exhausted, frustrated, and wear a mask. You wear a ridiculous number of hats: You work full time, clean, launder, cook, taxi, provide therapy, comic relief, teach and coach. Friends? Only if you can fit them in your crazy revolving schedule. Sex and romance? Are you kidding? You don’t have an extra ounce of energy; besides you may look and feel like crap.

I know, because I’ve been there. I know what it’ like to feel angry, burned out, depressed, ridden with guilt and trapped. I know what it feels to have lost my true self identity. I know what it feels like to be taken for granted, and forgotten. But I made a decision that I mattered too. I TRANSFORMED, and I can show you how because if I can do it, so can you.

 In the next few minutes, you will:

  1. Gain insights into who you really are and what innate gifts you possess.

  2. Understand what your soul needs in order for you to be authentically happy.

  3. Receive clarity on your soul purpose.


Once you completed the quiz, perhaps you will become excited about what you discovered or remembered about yourself. Maybe you will become ignited, feel the goosebumps and passion of what could be.

When you shift it creates a domino effect. Others in the same situation see this change and become inspired to do the same. More change – more new gifts are

offered to the world. Happy, balanced caretakers want to share their experience, share their resources and be an advocate for change. More awareness brings brighter futures personally for them, their loved ones, and all who follow them.

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