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Spiritual Hypnosis


Spiritual hypnosis is a tool I use with my son to easily access the answers he seeks.

You are the expert of you. I am the experienced travel guide, and you the ready traveler. Together we will journey on your spiritual adventure. One that is solely guided by your higher self; The God source within.


You’ll go where you need to go – wherever that may be for your highest good. Maybe it will be a past life, or a series of past lives if there are repeated patterns that need to be looked at. May you will discover new hidden talents you possess because you it before in a prior lifetime and with joy. You may go back into your childhood, or a future in this life if you are now creating karma. You may even journey into a future lifetime.


Perhaps you will meet a departed loved one, a master teacher or guides. You may even meet your guardian angel.


You may journey into the Life Between Lives state and view your divine plan in the Akashic Records where you will discover your purpose for being here now. You may meet your “soul family” and recognize who has incarnated with you again, and who helps you from this dimension.

For example: One particular client, a mother of six with one child who has a volatile and hostile emotional/ behavioral disorder came to seek solace. She initially traveled to a series of past lives that displayed a current pattern that she was still repeating in her current life. In the afterlife she met her guides, deceased loved ones, and was able to access her Akashic records. Here she discovered WHO she was still repeating the current pattern with and HOW to break the pattern and heal the relationships. She also met with her Higher-Self who clearly showed her own extraordinary gifts and the reason why she incarnated. She was told that if she chose to activate her soul purpose, not only will her own life be transformed, but so will all the many others she is here to serve. I have since learned that she is healing those relationships because of new awareness combined with renewed love and compassion.   She is also currently inventing a unique energy modality that will benefit many. By becoming aware of who she really is and transforming her belief system, she is living her soul purpose and serving as a great healer and role model for those who follow her. 

I never know where you will go for it is truly your own unique journey. All I do know is that you will go where you need to go and always for your highest good. 

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