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Spiritual Healing & Prayer

We are all energy beings that sometimes need an energy lift. Like tuning a fine musical instrument, spiritual healing brings balance by aligning your energies while raising your unique optimal vibration. Restoring balance happens on all levels of our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is accomplished by clearing away stagnant, unproductive energy and then replenishing it by fine tuning the energy field that supports and surrounds your entire being.

The Process

In a meditative state, I induce the healing energy with prayer and intention to raise your vibration to a higher frequency; activating and boosting your immune system. This shift in energy offers peace of mind, deep relaxation, and a feeling of restored balance of being.

During the healing, you may feel warmth, a chill, tingling sensation, or a sense of “something” lifting or pulling away. Perhaps you may feel nothing physically, but feel emotionally restored and light. Everyone experiences spiritually healing differently. What you can expect is to feel deeply relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally refreshed, and much better than before the session.


Note: Spiritually healing is offered as a complimentary service on-line, for those in true need. Please fill out the contact form if you feel this may be helpful to you or someone you love.

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