Fees and Payment

Spiritual Hypnosis (Initial)


Spiritual Hypnosis (Ongoing package of 3)

$525.00 ($175.00 each / savings of $75.00)

Spiritual Hypnosis (Ongoing package of 6)

$900.00 ($150.00 each / savings of $300.00)

Intuitive Guidance


Spiritual 4 Week Class:

  • Deep Stress Relief and Healing​ - $40

  • Soul Travel for Discovery of Self - $40

  • Psychic/Mediumship Development - $40

  • Spiritual Hands on Healing - $40

1.5 - hour session

1.5 - hour session

1.5 - hour session

1 - hour session

1 - hour sessions

Gift Certificates Available.

Purchase your gift and contact Debra to send out a gift certificate on your behalf to the recipient. When you contact Debra please include who it is going to, who it is from and a message you would like to go along with it. 

Note: One-to-one sessions of spiritual hypnosis and intuitive guidance have a limited schedule. If you are interested in booking a session, please fill out the contact form. Once we schedule and have a free 20-minute consultation, I will ask you to fill out the client forms and send back to me along with your payment prior to your scheduled session appointment.

Click below to download client forms. Please fill out forms, scan and email back before attending session.