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Intuitive Life Coaching

A process of self-discovery into your happiness and most of all your greatness.

Some people know what they want, some do not.

Through experiential intuitive techniques you access your inner higher self, learn what sabotages you and why, and how to free the self-limiting behaviors and thoughts that may keep you stuck.

Sometimes we need a little help with a decision or a transition in our life. Sometimes we know exactly what we want but we are paralyzed or procrastinate to move forward. Sometimes we put up blocks because we think we are not good enough, attractive enough, young enough, etc. Perhaps we are bored because we have no idea what our life calling or passion is. Intuitive Life Coaching helps bring awareness and focus on what matters most to you. It is a subtle and comforting guidance.


Sometimes I see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), know (claircognizance), feel outside myself (clairsentience), or feel emotions (psychic empathy). Sometimes I receive messages from loved ones on the other side, and sometimes from your guides and angels. I do not know what or how I will receive the information, for everyone has a different frequency that they vibrate to. However, I do believe I naturally align my energy to resonate and harmonize with yours.

Note: If you are interested in booking a session, please fill out the contact form. Once we schedule and have a free 20-minute consultation, I will ask you to fill out the client forms and send back to me along with your payment prior to your scheduled session appointment.

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