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Spiritual Classes

Four Online Development Classes are offered through Zoom

1. Deep Stress Relief and Healing: Learn effective strategies to calm and relax you or others instantaneously. Music, aromatherapy, and specific relaxation techniques will be explored. Participants will learn how to hypnotize themselves in order to plant positive suggestions into their subconscious minds. Very powerful transformations occur with repetitive use of these wonderful tools.


2. Soul Travel for Discovery of Self: Explore who you were or who you’ll become in this fascinating journey through time and space. Through the use of spiritual hypnosis, learn how to access your soul blueprint – your Divine Plan. Learn what lessons you needed to learn, and what your true mission is. You might even discover why you chose your specific parents! Extremely insightful.

3. Psychic/Mediumship Development: You have all your answers within. Learn how to utilize your different senses (the clairs) and build upon your innate abilities. Learn about the varied ways our spirit guides and loved ones communicate with you. In addition, receiving answers from your higher self is easy when you utilize ancient techniques to assist you in your quest. Participants will learn how to use the pendulum, ideo-motor response, oracle cards, etc.

4. Spiritual Hands on Healing: We all have the gift of spiritual healing. All you need is the compassion and intention to do it. Participants will learn how to center themselves, ask for protection and guidance, and then deliver the healing energy to the person in need.


All classes are highly participatory and only $40 which includes four weeks of training for one hour each week. The schedule of classes will continue to rotate throughout the year. Additional classes may also be added. Please send me a message if you would like to receive via email more information about the classes or other events.

Class Testimonials

“I absolutely love Deb’s workshops and classes. I’ve been doing them for over 20 years. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and talented person. Her loving and kind teaching methods are easy for someone just beginning their journey into the metaphysical world as well as the more experienced student. Well worth the time and money!”

- C.C.

“I have participated in Debra Taubenslag’s classes and the exercises we have done have helped me tremendously with my work as an energy healer. I knew I had some psychic and mediumship abilities but regular attendance in her class opened my channeling abilities to a greater extent. Debra is an amazing teacher – always patient.”

- H.S.


“Currently I am participating in a zoom mediumship class run by Debra Taubenslag. If you ever have the chance to participate in a live or online group with Deb as your leader you can’t go wrong! Her warm and welcoming manner to all levels of mediumship makes the learning experience extremely enjoyable. In addition, her 30+ years of experience will no doubt provide you with what you are looking for.

- L.C.


“Deb is such a bright light. She teaches by example and provides a well-rounded experience. She helps you strengthen the skills you have and hone the skills you want to work on. I highly recommend working with Deb as a teacher, and as a practitioner.”

- J.R.

“Several years ago I was referred to Deb by a friend.  After my first session with her, I cleared a life time of fixed beliefs that I carried around with me like luggage.

From then on I followed Debs work and have participated in workshops with her.

More recently (at the start of the pandemic) I’ve been blessed to be able to take classes with her via Zoom.   The classes are designed to foster a deeper relationship with oneself, your soul and ways of knowing.

Each class is uniquely different, offerings tools and practices that allow for the expression of the unspoken, giving voice to other ways of knowing outside of the 5 senses and more importantly the ability to trust the message.


I have come to love the community she has helped bring together during this time.”
- T.L.M

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