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“Debra has written a wonderfully user-friendly, self-help, special needs manual.

Her book contains a treasure chest of useful, easily understandable action-items, that are delivered in digestible increments and achievable suggestions.

Debra has essentially created a guided-tour through the multiple phases of raising a child with challenges. Additionally, she has crafted a playbook for involvement and championing special needs advocacy.

But perhaps the loveliest thing that Debra has done with "No Stone Unturned" is that she has empowered those of us who are just your every-day-run-of-the-mill-parents (who are suddenly trying to take care of individuals who's needs are far beyond our pay-grade), with a set of tools and a boat-load of inside secrets, on just how we can parent with a greater sense of grace and love.”

-John C. McGinley, Board Member and International Spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, and National Down Syndrome Society, Author and Actor (most noted for his portrayal of quirky Dr. Perry Fox in Scrubs).


“It’s relatable and full of helpful advice and resource information from both you and Nick which is what so many people with special needs kids need along with HOPE and COURAGE. You certainly give the reader that.”

- Cathy P., mom of a young adult with Asperger syndrome

“I wish this would have been out when we started our journey with my daughter. What a world of information for parents with kids like ours. Not only for info of where to go for help for the kids but also on how to not feel guilty about self-care.


cried because of your journey and thought of ours feeling so lost and wanting to do everything in our power to give her the best life ever. Crying remembering how she wanted so bad to have friends and how hard it was.... Trying to find her happy place. Thank you, for this is going to help others going forward.”

- Debra B., mom of a young adult with Asperser syndrome

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I like the short concise chapters with the recap at the end for a quick review and refreshers after one’s first read. I was never bored, actually every chapter rang true. Really loved the self-care chapter. How heartwarming to see the section written by Nick. It was so honest. I felt his pain, but was moved and uplifted by his accomplishments, great job!”

-Phyllis R., mom of a young adult with Williams syndrome


“The whole book is very interesting. We all, the parents of the special needs children, feel very lonely in dealing with the current and future problems of our children and this book reminds us, that there are other people in the same situation and we are not alone.”

- Mira S., mom of an adult with Asperger syndrome.

“I did not lose interest at all. It was so straightforward and honest; it was captivating. The best part was at the end of each chapter where you summarized the lessons learned. This was super eye-opening and things that we can all connect to in our lives.

The one part that opened my mind was where you said you should have been more tough on him. I feel like this is a lesson that I need to learn as well with both my kids. I too must learn to let go and let them grow, evolve and become independent beings.

I was hooked when you spoke about his experiences with his past lives and the people he met along the way in his journey. I also enjoyed and took comfort in the signs from up above from loved ones. This book has so many emotions that you feel like you’re on this journey with you and Nick."
- Edie W., special education teacher

With almost 20 years of teaching, I realized that if my special needs students and their parents utilize some of the techniques that Debra Taubenslag discusses in her book NO STONE UNTURNED, parents would be less frustrated and more confident parenting their children, and their children would become less frustrated and more confident as learners. The students would benefit in both behavioral and mental stimulation. What I liked most are the tools and techniques that offer out-of-the-box thinking to
stimulate their brains."

- Jennifer A., special education teacher

“Imagine finding a workable hands-on guide to support a special needs child on the tricky journey to independent or group living; having all in place for the inevitable time when you will no longer be here. Imagine discovering tools such as spiritual hypnosis, a profound therapeutic modality that works to generate acceptance and self-love for your special needs child.

Debra Taubenslag chronicles the many such steps and resources she employed to bring about a full life experience for her son, Nick. She shares the grueling ups and downs, the exhaustion, the doubt, anger and fear, but ultimately the blissful reward of watching her child navigate his life without her holding the

You will be inspired and emboldened as you are lifted into a unique space of hope, possibility and connection. No Stone Unturned is a true story of indomitable spirit, resilience and most of all, LOVE.”
-Winifred Morice, Motivational Nutritionist, Certified Hypnotherapist

No Stone Unturned is an uplifting story of Dr. Taubenslag’s inspirational life journey to rediscover her identity and her purpose after giving birth to a child with special needs. Leaving “no stone unturned”, she embarks on a lifelong adventure crossing religious, spiritual and social boundaries to find her way. Joining her on this journey is her son, Nick. Together, they are transformed through their beautiful and sometimes unconventional experiences. Throughout the decades, Dr. Taubenslag continues to use what she has learned to help heal herself and her son, and she shares with us these valuable life lessons in this beautifully written memoir.


No Stone Unturned is a heartfelt story that will capture your heart and open your mind to new experiences. It celebrates the unwavering determination of one Mother on a mission to restore her faith and rebuild her life. It also explores the diverse opportunities available to those on a similar journey. We all take different paths to our destination. Dr. Taubenslag, through her sincere motivation and encouragement, can help you find your way should you get lost.”
-Dena Buonarota Russell, NJ Special Needs Connection

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