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At Any Moment You Can Shift Your Thoughts, So Which Moment Do You Choose?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This is a picture I created during a "process painting" class. You allow yourself to just paint whatever you are feeling in the moment. No judgement or preconceived ideas. Your subconscious guides your choice of color and design.

At first I thought I painted an abstract painting, but when I hung it up on my office wall, I realized I painted seeds of "thought-forms". Some are in the beginning stages of a mere passing thought, others are germinating at different speeds, and one is birthing in a BIG WAY.

Our thoughts are real. They can hurt or heal us. If we think "Oh no..." and become fearful, then we will "attract" more circumstances that will create fearful feelings once again. The same is true when we think positive thoughts. Our mind will create in our outer reality whatever we have programmed with our thoughts.

Now you may be thinking....this is crazy! Why would I create something that I have no control over. You are right. I had no control over the premature birth of my son, nor the devastating medical consequences that resulted. However, I had a choice with my thoughts. I believed in HOPE. I believed in miracles. People experience them everyday, why not me?

My thoughts were positive. I didn't allow myself the luxury of a negative thought. I sang lullabies, Broadway tunes, and spoke to him everyday in his isolette in the neonatology intensive care unit. I let him know that he would survive and thrive because he was meant to be here, and for a reason. I didn't put conditions on what I wanted. I just saw and believed in a different outcome than the doctors were giving me. My thoughts were focused and intentional; for I envisioned a wonderful outcome as if the future already happened. My thoughts did not waver into the fear or worry zone. Honestly, I don't know how or why. Everyone around me, kept on trying to prepare me for the worst. I knew they had the best intentions, but I wouldn't buy in to their thoughts, for they were not my own. And when my thoughts did create weeds, I would catch myself and make a conscious decision to shift my stinking thinking and create seeds instead.

Something inside me kept me strong in my belief that "thoughts matter". I know this to be true. My son is now 35 years old, and we have been shown time and time again; what we believe about ourselves will manifest exactly what we have programmed.

So again I ask, "At any moment you can shift your thoughts, so what moment do you choose?"

I welcome your comments.

Debra Taubenslag, Author

No Stone Unturned: How My Special Needs Child and I Transformed Against All Odds

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