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LOVE - It's What We ALL Want, and NEED

Recently, I noticed this beautiful picture of an energetic embrace on my son's Facebook page. I remember thinking, "How lovely, and profound." I saw one comment and was curious what someone else thought of this. To my surprise, the one comment was also written by my son.

"What this means to me,

It's important for everyone to have first self acceptance, love, discipline, right job, and the right mindset. In addition, it's important to forgive and forget one's past. In doing so, the right person will come along.

It's important not to look though because everything happens in the right divine timing. Love happens when we least expect it.

May we all be able one day ready, on all levels of our being, to those of whom we deeply desire in our hearts. "Remember the truth that once was spoken to truly and unconditionally love another person is to see the face of God."

My son amazed me when I read it for I saw an old soul's wisdom with feelings that ran deep. I knew he desired a soul-mate connection to come to him, but I didn't realize how much he heard and understood my guidance about how he can attract the "right one" to come in. I tried to teach him the importance of self-love, confidence, and having a purpose whatever that may be for the highest good. He heard! And she is on her him.

Love and connection is as important as the air we breathe. We thrive when we experience the joy of reciprocated affection, desire, and genuine support of one who gets us, and has our back. We also know that a great love is our greatest teacher. We will be triggered by old wounds, and not like what we see when our lover holds a symbolic mirror in our face. We will grow together, apart, and together again if this is part of the divine plan. A continual circle of growth and growing pains...but truly a labor of love. Another teaching to teach my son....


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