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Spiritual Art

I believe we are all inspired by spirit when we are in the creative process.


My whole life I thought I could not draw, paint or do any kind of art. While I was caretaking both of my parents and son, I turned to a local watercolor artist to help me get lost for two hours each week. I would naturally go into trance (the alpha state) and just paint what I felt. I soon realized that it was very easy for me to paint deceased loved ones since I could feel their presence. I remember hearing my mother-n-law saying in my head, (make me younger).

When I let go of my judgment and expectations it just flowed.


Was I judged by family and friends? Yes, but their opinions didn’t matter because I painted for me. It was more than therapeutic, it was joyful.


Soon I began painting deceased healers and psychic mediums.


This led to drawing people from other nationalities and centuries while hearing messages. Perhaps they are spirit guides.


Click below to see the spirit art I created. If you would like me to create a painting for you, I will meditate and paint who I see, feel, and hear, and of course, deliver a specific message for you. Please contact me if this is something you would want to explore further.

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