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When you speak Words that begin with "RE" you REceive: REnewal, REconnection, RElaxation, etc.

This pic of me was taken in the parking lot in March 2020 waiting for a series of medical tests to be performed. Funny how I was calm and RElaxed before getting out of the car. Prior to this photo being taken I had time to REflect on what I was grateful for. I found myself REmembering what the world was like prior to Covid. REminiscing about how fortunate I was to have been able to REconnect with my parents in the spirit world. REjoicing in the knowledge that my family and friends were healthy, and being able to REspond to those who weren't.

RE words are REally choice words. At any moment we can choose to feel REnewed rather than stuck in stubborn thinking that affects are emotions and physiology; and ultimately hurts us. We can REward ourselves by REkindling those relationships that matter most. We can choose to be REtrospective by going within to REvisualize and REplicate those actions that bring us closer to our goals, rather than procrastinate. You get my point.

Here's a suggestion. When you are lying in bed at night, getting very toasty with your eyes closed, and REady for sleep, give yourself positive suggestions with RE words, and spoken in the present. For example: "I am deeply RElaxed and know when I awaken I will be wonderfully REfreshed." Or "I am REwarded tonight by my loved ones and angels who I easily REcognize and REceive REsolutions that I will REmember about my current challenge at hand."

We REally do have a choice on how we perceive our world. We can choose to see greed, power and scarcity, or we can choose to see compassion, confidence, and generosity. Perhaps at times we see both; because we are human and sometimes we REgress into fear. But, by REcognizing our thoughts, and the words we speak or write, we can REdefine our perception to help us feel better. For when we feel good, we do good.

Debra Taubenslag, Author

No Stone Unturned: How My Special Needs Child and I Transformed Against All Odds

(available on Amazon and where all books are sold)

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