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What I Learned in Spiritual Hypnosis today with My Mom by Nick Taubenslag

I asked my mom for a spiritual hypnosis session to get some direction and accountability towards my life mission. I was feeling sad and I didn't know why. It even manifested in stomach pain.

We went upstairs to her healing room and I sat in a chair and waited for "whatever" to begin. She placed her hands on particular energy centers that needed the most healing. I heard her hands slapping in the air around my head and then ears. I felt like I was crying which I knew to be releasing built up energy. I know she doesn't "think" about what she is doing in a logical strategic sense. She has always told me that she asks God to guide her hands, and to just take them where they need to go for my highest good. She completely trusts in the process and so do I because I felt peace afterwards.

Physically, I felt my mom was cleaning out toxins from my immune system. I even felt a physical slight pounding on my thymus gland which I believe increased this system. Regarding my mental state, before the session I felt there was a blockage with my thoughts (which later I discovered during spiritual hypnosis was actually fear of being dismissed and invisible.)

I became completely relaxed and mom knew this so she began spiritual hypnosis. She started

with a prayer asking for clarity, protection and direct communication from my grandparents and my spirit guide who helps me. She then asked me to go to my sacred space where I feel safe; my waterfall.

I knew my grandfather came in because I could smell a distinct aroma that definitely announced his presence. Gramps and I had a conversation about not wasting my gift of writing and advocacy. He talked about the fear of being dismissed and invisible as a blockage. He said how I need to let go of that fear in order to not waste the gift.

My grandma came in next because I could clearly hear her "eh" laugh, which of course, made me laugh. She said, "Be gentle, compassionate towards self and others. Be willing to paint your life picture with gentleness." I actually felt a sense of calm with her.

Next my male spirit guide talked to me about a woman waiting for me to step up and love myself enough before she can connect with me. He said, "Let go of people who do not serve your highest good. Let go of fear. Be purposeful and use your gifts to serve others." Then I clearly heard Gramps say, "YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON. DON'T WASTE IT." I felt myself smile because that's what he would always say to me.

Then I felt my Grandma gently scratch my back. I knew that I was still loved. I knew this experience was real.

In the beginning of the day I felt emotionally exhausted and physically in pain. After the session with my mom, I felt blissful. What I learned is that I am deserving of love. It's up to me to change my life and take charge of my purpose. I also learned that help from my loved ones, spirit guides and angels are only a thought a way. I made a promise to myself to take time out when I need it to just close my eyes , say a prayer, and have a "reunion".

Debra Taubenslag, Author

No Stone Unturned: How My Special Needs Child and I Transformed Against All Odds


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