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Thanksgiving Thoughts 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Reflecting on this crazy year has made me realize what I am truly grateful for:

  1. A zany childhood filled with love, laughter, and creativity.

  2. My husband who can cook better than any restaurant, and can fix anything.

  3. A family that has each other's back.

  4. Astonishing miracles that manifested from personal belief systems and perseverance.

  5. Friends that acknowledge and accept me for who I am.

  6. The knowledge that I know I can transform my health to wellness when necessary.

  7. Books, films, and walks in nature that nourish me.

  8. Spiritual guidance from the other-side.

  9. A good night sleep.

Looking over my list I see relationships and self-love, not things.

This is what I am grateful for. To Know I am Happy with What Matters Most.

Debra Taubenslag, Author

No Stone Unturned: How My Special Needs Child and I Transformed Against All Odds


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