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"Getting Paid and Paying it Forward - An Angel's Message

This morning I felt urged to sit quietly with my headphones on to listen to soothing instrumental music. I put on YouTube and typed in healing music. I asked, "What would benefit me most and for my highest good?" Then I closed my eyes and allowed my finger to keep scrolling until my finger chose a particular selection.

963 Hz + 528 hz Healing Angel Music - Frequency of Gods - Deep Healing Music

I smiled as I thought, "How odd yet wonderful." So I started listening and immediately became deeply relaxed with the beautiful tones. Then I heard a small inner voice inside myself say, "Paint what you are feeling and sensing."

At first I saw money being counted and handed over to me. Then this androgynous being started to appear on my paper as I sketched without my glasses and not thinking consciously about the drawing. I could feel the presence of a being that wanted a message to be released.

When I asked, "What is the meaning of the money being counted and handed to me?" I knew

on an intuitive level for I heard the reply telepathically: "Give and Receive. Effort and Reward. Measurement of Energy. Input - Output - Reciprocation. Karmic Debt paid."

I was humbled by this message for I do believe an angel spoke to me. Letting me know how our thoughts originate from belief systems, which can affect and manifest in our outer-world by taking action for the highest good of all. In return, reciprocity occurs because of the energy exchanged, and all advance spiritually.

So what does this mean to YOU? It is a message to give of your time, compassion, to send prayers, to deeply listen, to forgive, and to love. It may seem hard when you are suffering, exhausted, and feeling low. But when you help another, you become removed from your own pain in order to ease the woes of someone else. And then something magical happens: YOUR prayers are answered too. You receive help or whatever you need and sometimes from people that you least expect. This is the law of reciprocity. It's what the angel told me.

Debra Taubenslag, Author

No Stone Unturned: How My Special Needs Child and I Transformed Against All Odds


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